After the success of Shijin Vapor, We have decided that we needed to take it to the next level to serve our loyal clientele. Through many relationships we have built along the way, we knew that purchasing premium vape related products was becoming more and more difficult. Running a shop is already more work than anyone would like to admit, but now with our industry constantly changing, purchasing products that changes every day can become a burden. Constantly having to stay updated and ordering juices and hardware from all different avenues is not an easy task.

This is how Shijin Distro came about. We listened and took it upon ourselves to be the one stop shop that all our vendors can now lean on. We understand that our success heavily relies on the success of our partners that we consider friends. So if its taking on the load of studying and bringing in the hottest/newest products on the market with absolutely NO MOQ is what it will take to relieve that burden from you all, that is what we will do! With Shijin Distro you can be guaranteed to see the most relevant products on the market with the most competitive prices. All lump together into one simple to navigate website. Fully accessible at your finger tips. Our team will strive day in and day out to continue to upkeep a website full of great products at the lowest prices. Now that's what we call giving back.